BALKAN DEVELOPMENT is a global investment holding company which invests in public and private companies through the acquisition of majority and minority stakes, as well as public and private debt instruments.

Balkan Development invests in special situations where its entrepreneurial innovation provides support and expertise to rapidly create value. Its portfolio is well diversified across technology, industrials, natural resources, media, entertainment & sports, retail and real estate.

Why Balkan Development?

Balkan Development has three characteristics that differentiates it from other investment firms:


Founded by a specialised entrepreneurs – creative thinking and innovation are the cultural foundation of the organisation. It has had great success working with and backing entrepreneurs which has allowed it to build a differentiated network from where it sources unique opportunities.

Wide access to capital

This includes private pools, sovereign and institutional investors who have aligned interest in long-term value creation.

Financing & operational expertise

Deep experience and knowledge across the firm allows it to execute optimised financing structures for each transaction. Ability to recruit and retain top industry teams, both in-house and at portfolio company level, allows investment opportunities to prosper.




Korte Gotevlietstraat 9
8000 Brugge, Belgium
Fon: +32 50 32 98 40



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